FF | Spring Break Edition

You know what, I really did set a personal goal to post on this blog at least once a week to stay “motivated”. I got a little overzealous and posted twice in one week and then WHAM…life happened and now I’m a couple weeks overdue on posts. Oy vey! 

We are currently on spring break which, for those who work from home like me, means absolutely nothing special except you “get” to bring your laptop to wherever you’re “breaking”. Working in a school setting for the past 10 years, we got used to having an official spring break. However, I do realize in #RealLife, the adult-working world doesn’t take spring breaks…they just take vacation. So in that sense, I am still very thankful that we were able to take a few days away from the day-to-day crazy.

We spent the past few days on the coast in Oak Island, NC. The weather took a surprising turn for the warm and sunny. It was perfection, especially through the eyes of our spunky, almost-three-year-old Amelia.

In true “vacation mode”, I thought I’d post a few highlights from the past week:

>> Say “Hi!” to the New Kids on the QC Food Block:

  • Tandūr Kitchen {SouthPark}: Officially opened this week and it’s already killing it. Don’t miss out on the Naanchos, Spiced Okra Fries, Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan and the Korma. Hell, just try it all…it’s all fantastic. This place has already earned a spot in the Masanotti rotation.


  • Haymaker {Uptown}: Farm to Table, Fine Southern Cuisine — This is most certainly added to my list for top date spots, perfectly situated overlooking Romare Bearden Park. Grab a few small plates to share or choose a few as starters before you dive into their incredible entrees, and don’t even think about skipping out on dessert. The Haymaker Punch and the Harvest Spritz are TOPS.

>> Leftovers or Bust

Before we leave for a vacation or trip, I typically skip grocery shopping the week prior and we make our meals from whatever we can find in the refrigerator. It’s challenging with an entire week of “clean the pantry/fridge” meals, and an added bonus…it’s fairly cost efficient too. We had a TON of leftover roasted chicken from The Roasting Company and vegetables from the farmer’s market, so here’s what we made for the week {Not pictured: Chicken Verde Enchiladas that were devoured before I could get a photo}:

>> Breakfast…BEACH Edition

From my first time making homemade crepes (a nod to my NYC French Fam, M & A) to apples & almond butter to some fancy a#$ avocado toast (as requested by my sister), breakfast remains my FAVORITE meal of the day.

Hopefully you feel inspired to go try some of our newest CLT restaurants, challenged to  see how many meals you can make from just a handful of ingredients already in your fridge or just do yourself a favor, make a beautifully delicious breakfast and see the difference it can make as you start your day…#liveyourbestlife.

Now back to our regularly scheduled vacating. ❤

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