Been awhile…

Life has been pretty exciting the past few weeks. There are so many things “in the works” that I feel there’s nothing to update or write about YET. I WILL start blogging more…it is a goal and I intend on keeping it. I “gave up” Facebook and television for Lent, and I have to say…I don’t really miss either and this “free” time has given me a little more purpose than I had before.

Like I said…there are things in the works, just can’t say anything just yet…but HOLD OUT.

In the meantime, I’ve tried to devote time to cooking more and more…and not just “normal” cooking, I’ve tried to experiment with new recipes. I am glad to say that most of my cooking adventures turned out to be successes. Here is one that shocked me with it’s goodness:

Bacon Maple Glazed Doughnuts
Recipe via A Cozy Kitchen
Good LAWD these were delicious!

Speaking of A Cozy Kitchen…where has this blog been all my life?! Seriously LOVE Adrianna! Her blog cracks me up and the recipes are divine. If you haven’t seen her stuff, head over there after you’re finished here…seriously awesome. Another recipe (from ACK) was the zucchini fries.

It was a lazy Sunday around the Masanotti household and of a lazy, scrappy excuse/mix of food as well and this girl WAS NOT going to the grocery store. I had odds and ends and threw together beef sliders on english muffins (no other bread). I needed a side and had ONE….just one silly zucchini in the refrigerator. A Google and a few clicks later, I stumbled (yet again!) on Adrianna’s blog to find this DELICIOUS recipe for zucchini fries:

This week, I stayed close to my cooking roots and whipped up something on my own…sans recipe. I’ve been doing that a lot lately and it makes me happy that I am growing to “know” things about different foods, spices, combinations, etc. For dinner tonight, I made shrimp tacos. I wish I could give you the recipe, but Lord knows what I put in there. Hopefully these next few photos will be self-explanatory, but I’ll try to elaborate where possible. Enjoy!

I’ll pause here for a moment to tell you that I then mixed this salsa above {Fresh Mild Salsa from Trader Joes} with the onions and peppers before I put them in the skillet.

PS: I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my gas stove vs. our electric one before…how cool is that flame?!

The limes and this Cilantro Salad Dressing (also from TJ’s) were the “marinade” for the shrimp (for me) and chicken (for Jay). SO good.

Side note…All produce, chicken and shrimp were organic and the tortilla chips are mulit-grain. You feel full and content without feeling gross…AND it did NOT cost me a fortune. Trader Joe’s is my friend for life.

Side-Side Note…School/work purchased a Canon Rebel T3i for me and this is my first experiment with it…I think we are going to have a LOVE-LOVE relationship for sure.

Have a good week!

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