A Movement

Monday, March 5 marked an amazing beginning of an online movement. A movement of awareness…a movement of knowledge…a movement with a call to action…to know and make known.


In just a matter of days, Invisible Children‘s video Kony 2012 (with over 15 million views!) hit Twitter and Facebook, trending like no other.

Invisible Children came to the school I work at last year to promote their Schools for Schools program. Hearing the stories from those affected IN PERSON changed me…changed some of our students and started a movement in itself. Now with the #StopKony2012 on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has been met with its share of criticism. But what great movements aren’t.

I’m not saying you have to be a fan of Invisible Children, but I do say that to be a part of a movement (good or bad) it’s better to be educated, knowing the facts and NOT just following blindly. This movement calls for action…it sheds light on the atrocities (of today and the last 20 years) of Joseph Kony. It calls for his arrest. It calls for justice. It does NOT call for “white” to save Africa. It does NOT call for bombs and war. It does NOT call for a blind following. It calls for action. It calls for knowledge. It calls for you to look outside your life “bubble” and move for what’s right.

Don’t ignore or play the cynic. Change does not happen that way.

If you can’t agree on everything, that’s okay…but what we can all agree on is that Joseph Kony and the LRA needs to be stopped.

Here are some great articles I found yesterday in my research:

Stop Kony, yes. But don’t stop asking questions. by Musa Okwonga

The Lord’s Resistance Army. End Game? by Foriegn Affairs

RESOLVE response to Foreign Affairs article

Washington Post Article

Invisible Children’s Response to the Critics (LOVE THIS!)

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