Everyone LOVES Mail

…and I’m not talking about the junky kind, but the real “letter-from-ones-you-love” kind of mail. Unfortunately with the rise of technology (with which I admittedly have a love/hate relationship) and the craziness that is the US Postal Service, snail mail is becoming a bother instead of what it was intended to be/do and that is to connect people and keep them connected.

I’m a HUGE of handmade cards, invitations, etc., vs. the store-bought generic cards. To me, it shows the time and effort someone put in FOR YOU, especially for you…only for you and they paid 44¢ to mail it TO YOU.

With Valentine’s Day coming up (and FAST, people) and the commercial “holiday-whoring” (harsh, but true) that most stores participate in this time of year, I think there are some better ways to share the love.

For one, instead of buying things of the red/pink persuasion with silly, generic “love sayings” on them for your loved ones, how taking some time to serve them. Drop them a real note (handmade perhaps?!) telling them how you really feel, in your own words. If not a note, try to do something nice for them, going out of your way to make their life(ves) a little easier. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, in fact, in this recession-age more folks are finding that the simple gestures are the most meaningful…they show that you PAY ATTENTION. {last year I did homemade s’mores!}

Maybe try to serve those who you don’t love or don’t necessarily know. The random acts of kindness go a long way and if you’ve been on the receiving end of a random act, you know that JOY that it brings is contagious.

The last thing is something a little smaller in size and scope, but the impact on yourself is tremendous. It is always good to take some time and treat yourself with some love. Last year, I participated in a Handmade Valentine Swap sponsored by The Stationery Place. I thought it would just be a fun thing to do, mainly to challenge and push myself to get crafty, but what I got in return was a joy and a smile that were so OVERWHELMING..much more than a little paper valentine should probably conjure up…for a week, I received 4-5 handmade valentines from people all around the world via this swap and it was amazing.

my handmade valentine last year

I think this particular swap closed on Jan. 25, but you can try to email the folks to see if you can still get in on this one. If not, here are a few more that you could check out: Aunt Peaches, FaveCrafts Blog, Oh Hey, What’s Up?

You could even coordinate a Valentine’s swap with a group of friends locally…My friends are always saying we need a craft night, so this would be a great “theme”.

Hope you’re having a GREAT Friday…I’ll have some really fun news to post this weekend…a little something in the works for someone close to me…I CANNOT wait to debut.

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