This year, for Christmas, I wanted to give the women of my family a special gift. My grandmother (mom’s mom…I call her Nanny Sis) is a GREAT cook and like most really great cooks, she does NOT use recipes…or measurements for that matter. She cooks from the soul…it’s about timing, the smells and how it “feels”…which is really a beautiful thing…UNTIL you want to replicate any of her “famous” dishes.

I was determined to record some of her recipes so we can keep them “in the family” and not let them pass with time. So, this year, I spent some time with my Nanny to watch her every move, take photos and record some of her famous holiday candy recipes. I compiled what I saw, what I heard, what I smelled. I asked the other women in my family for some of their famous recipes too…my aunt…my cousins…my mom…my sister. We all put in 3-4 of our best recipes. I compiled them and designed my very first cookbook…The Branham Women in the Kitchen cookbook. Here it is:


Cooking and the love of food is something that runs in our family and that is one tradition I intend to continue.

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