Slow on the Blog = BUSY in the House

Sorry for the lull…hope you are still around. I had big plans for blogging this summer, but they all got pushed to the wayside by the BIG MOVE. We officially landed in our new nest last Monday. We tried to unpack and move the big furniture to the correct room before Jay had to leave for NYC (so jealous btw) for Teacher’s College at Columbia University. I’ve been unpacking and trying to decorate while he is away.

If you ARE still around, stay tuned for some really fun posts on furniture transformations and crafty fun house DIY (I made my own curtain contraption this week!) projects in the next week or so. Pictures to come soon, I promise:)

Here are some photos of stuff we’ve been into recently:

Sweet Bakery in Oak Island, NC
My Favorite Sister:)
Beer & BBQ Fest in Plaza Midwood
Finally saw some fireworks:)

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July:) See you soon!

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