Make It Monday | Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is in full swing in the Masanotti household. Since putting our home on the MARKET in October, our house has been the cleanest it’s ever been…you never know when you’ll get a call for a showing and it’s really hard to drop everything at work to go home and clean. {side note: Someone PLEASE buy our home…it’s the best home in Rock Hill, S.C.}

Having to clean everyday means going through cleaners like nobody’s business…and that can get quite expensive. Also, have you ever read the back of those cleaners…the numbers of chemicals is kind of scary…so for today’s Make it Monday, I am going to feature natural home cleaners that are gentler for you and your loved ones:



Baking Soda
Such a versatile, non-toxic, non-poisonous cleaner, baking soda not only cleans and deodorizes, it does SO much more! Baking Soda removes can be used to clean countertops, remove stains from food containers, clean silver, remove scuffs or grease from any surface, clear out clogged drains, remove “doggie” odors, remove burnt food from your oven or grill and more. Seriously, this is always good to have around to use in the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. etc.



Distilled White Vinegar
Between this and baking soda, you can pretty much clean your ENITRE house! Known to many as the miracle cleaner,¬†Vinegar is a weak form of acetic acid that forms through the fermentation of sugars or starches. Pour it in a spray bottle too to use on countertops and more. Vinegar can be used to remove stickers, stains and more…to clean windows (wipe with a newspaper! not kidding, it’s amazing!), to clean metals, to remove clogs and buildup on shower drains and heads, to clean shower curtains and walls. Seriously, you can pretty much use this for everything.

Lavendar, Lemon or Tea Tree Oil
These essential oils and more can be added to water in a spray bottle and used on most surfaces as an all-purpose cleaner…not to mention leaving your house smelling yummy. I have a friend that uses a dab or two of tea tree oil instead of deodorant everyday! You can add a drop or two of these oils in laundry, in your dishwasher, in your bath…practically anywhere.

If you’re thinking..”Sounds great, but I DO not have time to make my own…” My next suggestion is my new favorite “purchased” cleaner…Mrs. Meyers!

Seriously…this stuff smells AMAZING and works like a charm! Mrs. Meyers knows her stuff and this all-purpose cleaner should last a LONG time. For more thoughts and uses on homemade household cleaners, check out a couple of these websites: (especially their fun “New Uses for Old Things” section…super awesome ideas!)

Do you have any??

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