Make It Monday | Yah, I wish…

Happy Easter Monday! I had no clue this day even existed before I started working for an Episcopal school. But I love it because it’s a day off from work. I got to sleep in a little, enjoy a nice breakfast and coffee with Jay and now I’m snuggling with my two beagles trying to plan out my day. A little of this…a little of that…a LOT of relaxing outside is on the to-do list for today.

Today’s “Make it Monday” is a little different than usual. It’s more of a “I wish I could’ve made that – Monday.” A few weeks ago, this amazing-ness came across my Twitter-feed:


I know what you’re probably thinking…”Jess that’s great…it looks like a pretty wedding invitation…big deal?!” Well…it’s not JUST any wedding invitation…it is the most creative wedding invitation I have EVER seen to-date. This beautiful creation is from Kelli Anderson, a NYC based designer and artist and in my book, holds the “record” for most creative designer so far. Pun most certainly intended…see below:


keep going…and get excited…


oh yes, the goodness is about to appear…


prepare to have your face literally…rocked off:


THIS is the stuff I want to come up with one day…this level of creativity is something I want to attain in the future…until then…Happy Monday

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