A Love/Hate Relationship

Let me begin by saying that I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Easter. In the real sense, I love what it really is about…the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love and equally hate the consumer craze surrounding Easter baskets, candy, hoopla and more. I love the crafty side of it. I love the creativity and the DIY opportunities to make some super cute stuff…I hate the generic, cheap bunnies and crap being peddled by every super store in America. Any other time of the year, pastels usually make me a little nauseous…just sayin:)

So in an effort to encourage some creativity and help you resist the urge to buy the yucky Easter crap from the store, here is my Easter Craft Roundup:

First things first…the Easter Basket

If you’re like me, somehow in the last couple of years, you probably have accumulated a number of used and unused baskets, bins or containers that are most likely just taking up space. Don’t go buy a basket JUST for Easter…reuse and recycle! Here are a few of the creative ideas I found around the web…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the terra cotta pots transformed into Easter baskets on HWTM:

1. Terra Cotta Easter Baskets from HWTM
2. Twig Nest Baskets from HWTM
3. Colander Baskets from Whiteley Creek

Second…the Grass

I cannot STAND those tiny plastic strands of Easter grass…they get all over the place and are ANNOYING…so here are some ideas for “grass” alternatives…Moss, Ribbon/Raffia, Shredded Paper



Third…the Eggs

Martha Stewart has some BRILLIANT ideas for different ways to dye and decorate Easter eggs. I mean…what’s new, right?!

But here are some others I found along the way:




Fourth…The Decor

This Easter egg garland crafted out of paint swatches is PERFECT…especially since I, too, am a paint swatch hoarder. I just love the colors…I always grab some every time I step into a Home Depot or Lowes with the thought that I will do a craft with them. Needless to say they are still sitting in my craft room, un-crafted:) Until now…I can totally do this craft:


and these…homemade PEEPS! How fun is that?! Click the PEEP below to get the step-by-step instructions for making your own marshmallow treats!


And this Shabby Chic Easter feature on Hostess with the Mostess is to DIE for:) Click the image below to go see the beautiful decor on her blog!


So that concludes the roundup – if you have any fun easter basket or decor ideas, do share! Have a Happy Easter and don’t forget the REAL reason for this season:)

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