Make It Monday | Backyard Movie Night


Spring is in the air! So thankful for the rain this past week…more like my sinuses are thankful for the rain. I think it drowned most of the pollen and I can actually breathe again. We managed to escape the terrible storms & tornadoes on Saturday and Sunday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL…sunny, high 70’s and it didn’t get dark until 8pm. We broke in the grill and cooked out with my sister, her boyfriend and his friends for our first official cookout of the season! We played cornhole until it got too dark to see. It was glorious! It also got me thinking about today’s Make it Monday…nights like those would be PERFECT for a make-shift backyard theater.

Here’s what you need to Make Your Own Backyard Theater:

1. Space – You need an area to set up seating, the “screen”, the projecter, etc. Backyards are PERFECT



2. A Screen – If you have an actual portable screen that would be great OR if you’re like me and do not…you can hang a bedsheet (white). Be sure to put the edges of the sheet tight so there are minimal ripples or creases…thus creating a clear “picture”.

3. Seating – Think picnic blankets, lawn chairs, tents, etc…

4. Food – Chips, Salsa, Popcorn, Dips, Pizza…finger foods are the BEST…something to munch on:) Here’s one of my favorite munchie recipes: Buffalo Chicken Dip

5. Beverages – Water, Lemonade, Coffee, Tea…whatever floats your boat

6. A Projector & Speakers – So many advanced methods now…but I’m envisioning a laptop hooked to a projector with external speakers attached for a better sound.

7. Movie – For me, I would pick a comedy or action movie to watch outdoors…I’m a wimp, so you probably won’t convince me to show a horror movie outside…where I’m fully exposed to zombies and boogey men…but if that’s your cup of tea, I could see horror movies being fun outside.


This is perfection to me – Here’s so lovely spring nights in the backyard with movies, food and friends! Happy Spring:)

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