Pay it Forward…Continued

So…a couple folks have pointed out that I haven’t featured a new “Pay it Foward” this month. Well the deal is my friends over at Cinder Skatepark still need help, even more now than ever! See the details below:

Cinder is NOT going OUT OF BUSINESS…they are just MOVING…THIS WEEKEND!

Here’s the scoop:

The Skatepark is moving! Yup. Make sure you pass the word to all your friends that skate!  In fact, we are moving at the end of this week.  We know this is super short notice, but we will be open until Saturday, April 16th. The park will be temporarily shut down as of Sunday, April 17th. We will be working on getting the park disassembled and re-assembled in our new location as soon as possible!

Cinder Skatepark is NOT going out of business! We have been looking for an opportunity for a bigger space for less money and that is exactly what is in the process of taking place!  Target re-open date will be June 21st on National Go Skate Day!

Stay connected via Cinder’s website and facebook pages to get the most recent updates on our re-opening as well as sneak peeks to the new build out.

What this means for you:

  • Donations will be accepted on behalf of The Cinder Project to aid with costs of the move. All donations are tax deductible.
  • We will only be open one more week at our current location, so you need to get in as much skating as possible before we move!
  • We will be closing promptly at 8pm on Saturday night to start the destruction of the park.
  • All memberships will be extended for the time that we are closed.  You will not loose any membership time during our transition to the new location.
  • Our new location will be considerably bigger than our current location.
  • All ramps will be totally new, with a more street-based skatepark.
  • Our shop will be bigger.
  • Our ministry space will be bigger.
  • Momentum space will be bigger.
  • We WILL be closer to Charlotte.

Fundraiser Lock-In

Cinder will be hosting our last lock-in at our current location this Friday April 15th, starting at 10pm with pick up at 8am. This will be a fundraiser to help move into the new park.

Minimum donation is $40 dollars. All food and drinks are included in this donation fee. Only 25 spots are available. The top 25 highest donations will be guaranteed lock-in spots. You must donate in the shop to guarantee your spot. This is the last skate opportunity for Cinder in our current location!  For those of you who pay, but do not get in, you’ll have 3 options: 1) receive a full refund; 2) consider it pre-payment for our first lock-in at the new park; 3) commit it to being a donation, no strings attached (and you will receive a tax exempt receipt for donating).

We will notify all lock-in participants after 5pm Friday, April 15th. All donations must be in prior to this time…No exceptions! The shop will be open at 10am for donations only beginning Tuesday, April 12th.

Thank you for helping us close out our time at 2168 Carolina Place Dr with help in launching us to bigger and better!

Please do not hesitate to contact the shop for more information at 704.288.1660 or




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