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It’s Make it Monday…Allergy edition. I NEVER get sick and I’ve NEVER had allergy problems. My husband, however, has suffered from chronic allergies/sinus infections his whole life (so he has ZERO sympathy for me right now). Well 7 days ago, I got the funk. It started with a little tickle in my throat (inappropriate! you “that’s what she said”ers) and then my nose. Two days in, I got my very first and WORST sinus headache. The pressure in my head…behind my eyes was intense. I HATE getting sick and for those who know me best, I have very litte tolerance or sympathy for sickness…but dear Lord, I’ve been under attack for too long now.

The thing is, I’ve never been one to take medicine…I rarely get headaches or anything like that that most folks take meds for. I tend to let things naturally pass and avoid antibiotics at all costs. I’m sure my sister, Heather, who’s in pharmacy school hates me for saying that, but she knows…I’m stubborn.

The Culprit {source}

So when the plague hit me last week, I finally caved and took a sinus/allergy pill…I have to say…really didn’t work like I thought it should, so I’ve stopped taking anything again…I’m trying to let my body and it’s defenses win this one. I feel like my immune system is built up of little freckled Punky Brewster types and they are pretty feisty. BUT…I really want this YUCK stuff to be gone, so I’m on the hunt for some natural…more homeopathic remedies. So if you’re going through what I am, here are some natural remedies I found for today’s “Make It Monday”:

Local Honey

The “local” part is important. One remedy is to eat a couple spoonfuls of local honey each day. It’s a theory called immunotherapy. This encourages the body to produce natural anti-bodies to fight the infection and increases the body’s defenses against the real thing.

Seasonal allergies are caused by spring pollen in the air. If you have allergies, you are allergic to the pollen – and local raw honey contains the same type (same flower source) of pollen as what you’re allergic to, introducing these into your system in small amounts is enough to trigger your body to produce antibodies to the pollen. Haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve heard a lot have and they swear by it. I love honey, so this is a “must try” in my book.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Now this remedy you’re actually supposed to use as soon as you begin feeling ANY sinus/allergy symptoms and even before. It is recommended to whisk 3-4 spoonfuls into a glass of water for a week and you should be able to see a difference/or hopefully not see a sinus infection. Apple Cider Vinegar thins mucus immediately and that’s the key to kicking a sinus infection…you’ll see the yucky green turn clear in a matter of days.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is great at relieving uncomfortable sinus congestion. The essential oil clears your sinuses by helping to relieve the inflammation and also helps to fight the bacteria and germs that causes the infection. I’ve heard you can put a drop of lavender oil right below each nostril and it will help ease breathing. You can also use the steam pot method and add a couple drops to the water while it steams. Lavender tea also helps build your immune system.

So those are all pretty methods and remedies…this last one I’ve heard works wonders but is SO gross.

I’ve heard you can add a drop of Grapefruit Seed Extract in this bad boy and go to town. I’ve actually heard grapefruit seed extract referred to as “liquid gold” before for sinus issues…but I’ve heard crazy stories about Neti Pots, so I think that will be my last resort…

Whatever…I’m just ready to be done with the funk so I probably will try all of these THIS week!

Have a good Monday – hope you are breathing easy:)

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2 thoughts on “Make It Monday | Home Remedies

  1. Heather

    1.) I’m exactly the same when it comes to medicine… some pharmacist I’ll be..
    2.) The netipot is highly recommended at our pharmacy. Gross, but works wonders.
    3.) I was right there with you a month ago over my spring break…I let it take its course after my symptoms kept changing, but it took a whole 3 weeks to fully get over. Have fun, sister!!


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