Create a Silence to be Heard Around the World…

Today, the Invisible Children crew came to the school I work for to talk to our middle school students about the continued movement against the LRA and the enslavement of child soldiers in Uganda. They showed their short Schools for Schools documentary film, Go, and followed with a short discussion surrounding their April 25th event…


On April 25, 2011, people from around the world will join together and be silent for 25 hours. For the last 25 years, the LRA has silenced the people of Central Africa and for 25 hours, thousands will go silent so that the victims of the LRA are heard.

They are asking for each person to raise/donate $25 before April 25 to go to the Invisible Children Protection Plan and “bring life to saving the communications & rehabilitation projects for the victims of the LRA.

They are asking people to
Speak Out, Without Speaking

Here is a video explaining the details of the April 25th event:

For more information about the Invisible Children program and movement, please visit their website:

Don’t just watch…do something.

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