Foodie Friday: A Delicious No-Mayo Tuna Salad

Good morning, friends! I hope your week was great…thank goodness it’s FRIDAY! So it looks like this weekend we will be back to colder, rainy-er weather compared to last weekend’s glorious 82 degrees and sunny. I don’t know about you, but I’m already in the Spring-state of mind and intend to stay there. While in the Spring state of mind, I’ve been researching and planning for more spring-like recipes…lighter foods, more veggies and fruit, etc.

Last night Jay and I were catching up on this week’s Top Chef All-stars episode and at one point Carla’s (who is my ABSOLUTE favorite!) husband said that Carla loves to cook food that creates a food memory for people. I LOVED that concept of a food memory and I think my new-found obsession with cooking over the last few years has been about that (hence the bajillion food pictures my husband and I have taken)…creating food memories is more than the food alone though, it’s about the company…the people involved…the atmosphere. Some of my most favorite memories in life revolve around really delicious food.

A few years back, we had a group of friends that would gather once a week to just hang out and cook dinner together. To say it was a beautiful time would be an overstatement…it was a little slice of heaven on earth…for serious. But just like the seasons, occasions like that haven’t presented themselves as much any more. It was all inspired by this lady, Mrs. Nicole Verrone…one of the most beautiful, inspirational women I have ever met:

The recipe for today is a No-Mayo Tuna Salad from my Aunt Kathleen. The food memory that this recipe carries for me is Jay and I visiting his family every summer in Charleston, SC. Some of the greatest times were had at that house on Houston Drive and I will forever miss that place and the memories it had in it. So here it is, my Aunt Kathleen’s No Mayo Tuna Salad:

> 1 1/2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
> 1 1/2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
> 1 cup Feta Cheese
> 1/2 Cucumber, diced
> 1 cup heirloom tomatoes
> 1/4 red onion, sliced
> 2 cans of tuna
> salt and pepper (to taste)
> garlic salt (to taste)
> black olives (optional)

Chop the cucumbers, slice the tomatoes and onions and combine into a mixing bowl.  Drain the tuna from the can and then add the tuna into the mixing bowl.  Next add cheese, olive oil and vinegar (you may use more or less as needed).  Finally add salt, pepper and garlic as needed to taste.

Enjoy and I hope you all have a relaxing weekend (even if it is raining)!

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