Pay It Forward to The Cinder Project, March 2011

Happy March to you! In addition to being the first day of National Craft Month AND the first month of Spring, it is also time for a new Pay It Forward project. This month, I decided to focus on a ministry, a cause and a movement of people that are near and dear to my and Jay’s hearts…The Cinder Project.

Back in 2003 (I think) my not-yet husband finished school at Lee University and met some AMAZING folks, two of which got married and formed the great powerhouse couple that is David and Meredith Tolentino. Folks, by saying these two are extremely talented in so many ways would be a gross understatement. They are literally two of my favorite people in this world. Jay moved from Atlanta to Charlotte to work with their first organization, SouthTown Riders. This ministry’s heart was for teenagers, wakeboarding and skateboarding…but most importantly, their heart was to share the love of Christ through those things.

I am eternally grateful for these folks because without them and their ministry, I would have never met my husband! Cinder was born out of a longing to focus solely on skateboarding and SouthTown Riders would continue with wakeboarding. In 2007, the Cinder Project completed an amazing skatepark in Fort Mill, SC, and focused in on cultivating an intense small-scale discipleship with local skateboarders.

From their Web site, Cinder’s mission is to:

…love God and people. We enjoy tearing down cultural stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian. The Cinder Project is about training disciples to take action, have passion, and to not be afraid to step out in non-vocational ministry. We equip modern-day missionaries who exist in culture. Our goal is not to create more and new Christian cultures but rather, to change the existing cultures over to Christ.

This month’s Pay It Forward will focus on some immediate needs of the Cinder Project and their growing movement among teens in Fort Mill and Charlotte, Momentum. From their Web site:

MOMENTUM is a group of young people that are committed to the most important pursuit in the whole world: loving God and people. We definitely don’t claim to be perfect, in fact, far from it, but we know someone who is. His name is Jesus and He’s changing our lives. These changes are both a process and a journey. We’d love for you to join us.

Momentum meets with high schoolers, middle schoolers and young adults at Cinder Skatepark (2168 Carolina Place Fort Mill, SC), every Monday, 6:30-9pm.

The Need

The Cinder Project’s Momentum service is getting a facelift and we need your help to do it! Beginning the first Monday in March, we will open Momentum to more students across the Fort Mill/South Charlotte area by partnering with Renovatus Church. We need to raise $3,500 for some very basic items necessary for this exciting growth. Please consider the following and give what you can to help make this happen!

Projector $800
Screen $150
Lighting $300
Chairs $200
Folding Chair Storage Cart $150
Sound System (board, speakers, amp, cords, mics, mic stands) $1000
Stage $200
Games (video games, board games, TV, gaming console, ping pong table) $700

You can donate to this cause through paypal here or by sending a check made out to The Cinder Project to PO Box 3098 Fort Mill, SC 29708. Please put “Momentum” in the memo line.

Thank you for considering this organization to support this month. For more questions, please contact Meredith Tolentino or David Tolentino at the Cinder Project.

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