Make It Monday: Craft Month Starts Tomorrow!

Happy Monday to you all! If you don’t live in the South then you are truly missing out. It was a glorious 82 degrees with sunny skies and a beautiful breeze yesterday. Spring is coming and I am getting super motivated to be more crafty as the warm temps come our way. The spring season usually brings a ton of baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties and more. I love handmaking things for occasions such as these and look forward to posting some of my crafts from this upcoming season.

National Craft Month officially starts tomorrow and in the spirit of all things crafty, I am posting some of my favorite findings from today. Check them out:)

{The Wheatfield by Katy Daisy}

*She is such a beautiful illustrator. All her pieces just make me so happy and so inspired:)

{Dimmalimm on Etsy}

*I’ve been obsessed with these felt coasters all year…I keep promising myself I will try to be crafty and make my own, but I probably won’t and end up just buying these from Dimmalimm’s shop instead. They are just so pretty!

{Mademoiselle Under the Rain by Blancucha}

*I am SWOONING over the paintings in Blancucha’s shop especially this one…the simplicity and the use of colors…it’s just so good:)

{Felted Soap by Wit & Whistle}

Lastly, check out this awesome DIY Tutorial on making your own felted soap from one of my favorite new blogs, Wit & Whistle…why felted soap? Look how pretty it looks AND there’s no need for a washcloth:)

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and if you missed my sweet husband’s Foodie Friday recipe last week, please go check it out and send him some love. He’s so fun!

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