Foodie Friday: The Fridge Raider, A Man’s Recipe

Good morning to you! So everything in Miami seems to move a day behind…Make It Monday was actually on Tuesday and yesterday’s Foodie Friday is today. Sorry about the delay, next week I will be back on schedule. With that said, I am going to pass it over to my super hot hubby, Jay for his “man” recipe of the week (I might start featuring him and his “man” recipes on a monthly basis…so get excited!)

Greetings, UglySpot readers. If you have been following my wife’s recipes through Foodie Friday then you have become a fan of her cooking too! The weather was amazing when she asked me to be a guest blogger, but I am fighting the itch to dig into my outdoor grilling recipes too early for fear of winter’s just recompense. I digress…

Well, before there was a “we”, I had to fend for myself. It wasn’t always planned and it was rarely pretty- mostly college dorm type food. Now that I am a grad student and a teacher, I decided to give my famous “Fridge Raider” (note the play on words-refrigerator) a face-lift. This harks back to the days of rummaging through the fridge trying to throw something together on the way to my Friday Bio Lab. I hope you enjoy…

Fridge Raider Panini

Ingredients: (Subject to your own fridge’s contents!)

– 1 whole-wheat hoagie roll or ciabatta roll (cut horizontally in half)
– 4 ounces assorted deli meats (such as salami, prosciutto, ham, and turkey)
– 2 thin cheese slices (such as provolone, havarti, swiss, or pepper jack for some kick)
– 1 tsp. pesto or pub-style mustard (pick your poison)
– 1 tsp. Duke’s mayonnaise (light if your watching the waistline)
– Heirloom tomato (sliced ¼ inch thick)
– Thinly sliced red onion
– Thinly sliced green pepper
– Romaine or other lettuce

The advent of the George Foreman grill while I was in college changed everything, so in the interest of time, we’re taking a short cut- unless you can use the convection function on your toaster oven. My college days working for Panera Bread Co. really got me into paninis.

> Mix pesto or pub-style mustard in with mayo and spread on both sides of the bread. Layer assorted deli meats on bottom half of bread, cheese(s) on top half. Lay the sliced heirloom tomato, onion, green pepper and lettuce in between (add pepperoncinis if you have them).

> Lettuce is optional at this point as it is might wilt- you can always peel your Panini open after grilling and add in to keep crisp, or jump ship on the whole lettuce idea.

(Note: I made this without bread for a while and can easily be done on a skillet.)

> Place your delicious concoction on the Foreman and grill until the cheese is visibly melting. Finish it off with a side of your favorite chips (I prefer Kettle Brand, Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper).

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