Make It MIAMI:)

Sorry for the blog “slackness” recently:(  I’ve been a traveling MANIAC and it’s only Monday. This weekend, my husband and I visited one of our favorite cities, ATLANTA. We visited with Jay’s family and celebrated his brother, Aaron’s, birthday then we saw our second family over in Smyrna for a much-needed visit.

Our trip was cut short due to another trip…Miami, Florida.

Last week, my good friend and co-worker, d’Angelo Dia, asked me to help chaperone a middle school trip to Little Haiti in Miami, Florida…of course as soon as I got the green light from Jay and from my boss, I was super excited to go. And then the fun part…one of the other chaperones wasn’t sure if she was going to make the trip and then another doesn’t have an actual drivers license (BURTON!…dang new yorkers) so I got to drive a 15-passenger van with a bunch of middle schoolers all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina to Miami…um, like 11-12 hours with only 3 stops:) I was super anxious at first, but it was easy-going the entire way and of course, I was well prepared with the Masanotti Mega Miami Mix guiding us on I-95.

So all that to say, we are settling in…trying to keep these silly teenagers in their rooms and trying to remain sane for the next four days. In the meantime, I am super excited to have a couple guest bloggers this week.

Make It Monday (which will probably be published on Tuesday) will feature a good friend of mine, Laura Short. She is super crafty and creative and will do a super cute DIY project just for you guys, so I hope you all love her as much as I do.

Foodie Friday this week will feature someone that I’ve been crushing on for years…he is one hot italian stallion, oh wait…he’s my husband. He is quite the foodie and loves to remind me and anyone around that HE actually loves to cook and knew how to cook before me. Since I got on my cooking spree a couple years ago, he has had I haven’t given him very many opportunities to cook, so this week, I decided to invite him to do a special Foodie Friday post with a more “manly” recipe.

I hope you enjoy it and even more…I hope you enjoy this amazing-ness(my students love MIAMI):

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