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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am super excited to show you my Valentine’s craft for today’s Make It Monday. I’ve worked on this idea for the last couple of weeks and finally put it all together last night and this morning before work. Here’s the idea:

Everyone Needs S’MORE Love!

Last night after our Valentine’s dinner date, my hubby and I embarked on the homemade marshmallow journey. Thank goodness for Smitten Kitchen‘s instructions and caution of the potential mess…we actually made it through the entire project without much mess at all. I have two observations and notes for next time though.

1. Get a stand mixer: I have a cute little hand mixer, but you have to whip this stuff for 15 minutes! Jay and I had to take turns:)

2. Use a smaller pan or whip longer: My marshmallows turned out a little thinner than I had planned so I can either use a smaller pan next time or whip the mixture a little longer so that it expands more.

Here are some photos of the prep work:

And here is the final product:

Where did I get these cute little boxes?!

Garnish – check them out for the cutest customizable packaging materials. LOVE this company!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and Spread the LOVE


Everyone Can Use S’MORE Love!

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