Make It Monday: V-Day FEVER

Have you got it yet?? The Valentine’s Day FEVER?! I do…in a major way. In my blog-reading a couple weeks ago, I stumbled on The Stationery Place’s blog to see she had announced a handmade Valentine Swap.

I signed up as soon as I read it!! Here’s the deal: everyone submitted their name and address to Lyndsey. She compiled and emailed 5 different names/addresses to each person. Each person is to handmake 5-6 valentines and get in the mail to their list this week. How fun is that?!

I might try to do something LIKE this soon for another holiday. It sounds really cool! Would you participate if I launched a project like this?? I hope so…I mean, the internet is great but NOTHING beats a handwritten note in the mail…doesn’t everyone like getting REAL mail??

So in the spirit of all things love-y and valentines-esque, here is today’s craft challenge…homemade Valentine’s:

Martha Stewart dot com has a ton of super creative card ideas, but she also has really creative V-day decor like this super cute heart doilies:

I recently received my February issue of Better Homes and Gardens and they published a whole section of super cute and crafty Valentines like this…

and this…

and for the more “I-don’t-want-to-do-a-traditional-card” folks, here’s a crafty V-day example from one of my most FAVORITE blogs, Oh Hello Friend

I hope these examples motivate you to go craft your own personal Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones. Happy V-day!!

PS: Don’t forget about the Moleskine Giveaway! Contest ends this Thursday!!

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