…and there goes another SHORT summer!

I feel like summer JUST started and yet we are starting school tomorrow:) I am super stoked for the kiddies though! So, remember that summer fun list…welp, I didn’t get to do everything, but I did get through MOST of it. My favorites were trekking up to the big NYC to visit Marie & Geoff and eating locally at Erin’s Restaurant in Rock Hill, SC. Finding Erin’s was truly like discovering a tiny treasure in the middle of nowhere. Following my sister’s boyfriend’s recommendation, we stumbled into one of the greatest culinary experiences we’ve had in (and around) Charlotte, NC since we moved here almost four years ago.

Erin’s Restaurant was created to showcase and support local farmers and producers. Open for dinner only,  customers get to choose from regular seating or European seating, Mondays through Saturdays. The menu changes weekly based on market availability. European style, also known as family style, most likely includes sitting at a table with complete strangers (which in our case worked out b/c of the super cute couple we ate with), sharing 2-4 different salads, 2 meat entrees and somewhere between 5-8 side dishes, 2 desserts, tea and coffee for a very affordable $22/person. From the Anthropologie-esque vintage serve wear to the frequent table-side visits from Erin, herself, you feel compelled to sit and actually relax. Savoring every bite of each delicious and inventive combination of locally grown produce, dairy and meat, you immediately feel like you are experiencing something bigger than just “eating out”…you are eating and sharing in a beautifully crafted masterpiece that won’t ever be repeated or replicated(especially due to the inconsistent crop availability from week to week).

If you are anywhere remotely close to Rock Hill, SC, I encourage you to go experience Erin’s for yourself…Jay and I will be there, probably seated at the little table to the right. Below are some photos from our most recent adventure to Erin’s Restaurant:

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