A Little Obsession…

I love to write. Not like poetry (I’m truly terrible at that) but more like I actually like hand-writing things. My co-workers give me a hard time because I get giddy over filling out forms. I seriously had a great time filling out our tax forms and the like. I have a wee obsession with making to-do lists, not so much because I love having things organized (okay, maybe I do) BUT more so because it is therapeutic for me to actually visualize details by writing them down. I love the earth but you might think otherwise when you see the many balls of paper I go through when writing notes over and over again until they look good.

I have a couple friends who are getting married in the next few months and as I help them navigate through the many wedding details(which I LOVE doing), there is one detail that I wish I could go back and include in my own wedding – Calligraphy. I just LOVE it, hand-written details in beautiful scripty fonts. After searching the web, here are some of my favorites:

Laura Hooper

Anna Beckman

Kathryn Murray

{one of my all-time favorites}

Aren’t those great?! Now how can I learn how to write like that?

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