Pretty Peacock & My Green Thumb…

Happy Sunday! I am officially counting down…well I have a couple countdowns going currently, but the major ones are 1. Sex and the City 2 (Thursday- midnight? anybody?)  and 2. three more weeks until the end of school (for all except for me, BUT summer hours will begin) and 3. most exciting, Eclipse (Twilight) will be here in 37 days…THAT I will probably go see at midnight because somewhere inside me there is a 13-year old girl DYING to see the rest of these silly movies:)

Jay and I decided to stay in town this weekend, I went to a wedding shower and today, we played in the yard. Every year, I attempt to unleash my “green thumb”, and most years, I fail…miserably…my potted plants all die, my herbs NEVER grow more than 2 inches and I have NEVER seen fruit…tomatoes, peppers, whatever…Jay always seems to be way better at this stuff, but nevertheless, he humored me by letting me pot these plants this morning. Here are some pics of my progress so far:

So we will see how it goes. I’ll try to keep you updated on my desperate attempt to turn my red thumb (bringing death to all my past plants) into a true green one:)

Also, I am super excited to share my latest invitations. These are for a bachelorette party weekend coming up in June. The bridesmaids wanted the bachelorette invitation to reflect the same peacock-theme as the wedding decor. So here they are, my first-ever peacock-themed invitations. Have a great week!!  

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