Take a breath…

Things have been CRAZY busy lately. Anyone who knows me, knows how I thrive off of full to-do lists…but is that always the best thing? Is that the way we are supposed to live? There are so many things in this world that I truly enjoy and honestly get silly-girl-giddy just thinking about them…from a really great cup of coffee to decorative paper and crafts…from sporadic dinner dates with my husband to eating a bowl of cereal while watching birds attack our bird feeder. I love parties, I love any excuse to “get-together”, especially if I can work a theme or cutesy in there somehow…but this weekend, I think I hit a wall. 

Jay and I were working hard to get the house clean for the arrival of my sister, Heather, who will be staying in our guest room for a month. As I worked from room to room, I noticed small to large piles of papers, left-over laundry, half-finished projects, an un-godly amount of past to-do lists…all this to say, I realized that me, my household and the things that I love are a big hot MESS! I guess spring has sprung just in time because this girl is in need of a crazy spring cleaning session…in more ways than one. This is probably going to be painful:) So here goes…

On the design front, I really hope to post some of my latest projects I have just finished up…a “dick and jane” type shower invitation…a peacock theme bachelorette party invitation and more. It’s just piling up in my “drafts” section…

On the personal front, My first painful project will be our office. I think I have managed to let tons of paperwork pile up and honestly, it is encroaching on my crafting space, which is also a crazy mess at this point. So I am on the search for crafty office organization advice and ideas. Suggestions?? I will share what I find and all document the madness that is my own space. 

Until then…take a breath:)

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