Top 10 Favorites of Fall

Good morning! I’ve been working on this list since my birthday (back in September) so I apologize for the delay, but here it is, My Top 10 Favorites of Fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. A lot of people say because of the cold weather and the leaves falling from the trees, it’s a depressing time, but for me, the colors of the leaves are gorgeous and the cold weather means that I can wear big sweaters and awesome coats:) Enjoy!

Top 10 Favorites:

10. My Birthday: I mean, my birthday is the first official day of fall, so how could I not LOVE it. This year was so special …Jay, my wonderful parents and amazing friends surprised me with my very first letterpress. Super awesome!

 9. Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon Dolce Lattes: I’m sorry, I’m all about supporting my local coffee shops, but there is NOTHING like a Starbucks latte. I’m not sure what makes theirs different but it just is…and I LOVE it:)

8. Theme Parties!! My friends and I love theme parties. For the last couple of years, we have had everything from “Black & Gold” to “Cowboys & Indians” to “Wedding Receptions for Jim & Pam on the Office” to baby showers that turn into CRAZiest of parties. 

7. Gamecock Football: Every year around the beginning of September, I get that feeling…that feeling that something amazing is about to begin…the cold, crisp air starts smelling a little like tailgating and I know, it is time for GAMECOCK football. Every year, we hope to be amazing…this year, we aren’t pretty but so far, we’ve put up 6 wins against some pretty good teams. GO COCKS!


6. Fall Fashion = LOTS of Layering: Layering is one of my all time favorite things to do. I like to look down at my waist line and see at least two- three contrasting colors…weird, maybe…but awesome in my mind. I also love mixing and matching patterns, fabrics, etc…but only in my mind…not confident enough to do it yet for real…like this picture from Anthropologie, I WISH I had the gumption to do this.

 5. More Fall Fashion = Big Coats and Fancy Scarves: The ironic thing about my obsession with coats is that I only have like 2 coats and one I have had since 9th grade…but no worries, it is getting replaced this year and here is what I’m eyeing at the moment from Old Navy…and this scarf from Anthropologie…yes please.

4. Fall Food = Bring on the Homemade Chili and Soups: Pumpkin Apple Bisque, Smoky Corn Chowder, Baked Potato Soup, My MOTHER & Chris Kincaid’s Chili…these are a few of my favorite fall time soups. 

3. BABIES galore! 2009 was amazing for my proverbial family – we have added two very special ladies to our group, Magnolia Louise Godshall and Ethne Rain Calnin. One day, hopefully soon, Jay and I will be able to have kids of our own, but until then, we are working hard to be the best aunt and uncle to these precious babies…This fall, a new face was added to our community…meet Mr. Ames Emmanuel Kincaid. After 20 hours of labor, my dear friend, Rachael introduced us to this little man. It was my first witnessed home birth (the labor part, did NOT witness the actual birthing part) and it was spectacular. 


2. TWILIGHT: NEW MOON – I know, its a little crazy and I tried to avoid the madness for as long as I could. I broke down and read the books and have been hooked ever since. I go back and forth from Team Edward and Team Jacob, but November 20th can NOT come soon enough. Please and thank you.

1. The best thing about fall is….My Wedding Anniversary: Okay, you can stop gagging now:) But seriously, three years ago, on November 18th, I married the sweetest, most compassionate and amazing man I know…the best part…he loves this CRAZY girl despite her insanity. PLUS, I LOVED our wedding! If I could go back, I might do some things differently, but overall, it was the best day of my life and seeing those big ole’ blues as I walked down the aisle is something I will NEVER forget.

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