My First 5K Race

The last time I tried to run more than 2 miles at one time, I passed out on the track in high school. Ha! No really…but the last 2 months, I’ve coached a “Girls on the Run” team at the school. If you don’t know what GOTR is, you’ve GOT to check it out. In short, it is a program created by Molly Barker to educate girls in grades 3-8 on healthy living and self respect. 

Our group met every Tuesday and Thursday each week, learning great life-lessons specifically for girls… like how to stand up for yourself, how to see and respect the beauty of every girl, to not gossip, etc…each lesson involves running and training for the big end-of-the-season 5k race. 

Our race was this past Saturday and here is my lovely 5th grade running partner, Genna. We finished our 3.1 miles in 36 minutes. We had beautiful weather and my hula skirt didn’t slow me down one bit…long story:)

Maybe I’ll run another…soon!

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