April’s Shower…

…Brings Ethne Rain Calnin

March 29, 2009
Baby Shower for April Calnin

Joined by two of my favorite people, Nicole and Rachael, we put on a baby shower for our lovely friend, April. I had the pleasure of designing the invitations for this “Tea Party”-themed event. 

The Menu:
* Cream & Ginger Lemon Scones (homemade by Nicole – delicious!)
* Shortbread with Pear Slices & Marscapone Cheese
* Fruit Salad (crafted by Rachael)
* Fruit Preserves & Homemade Whipped Cream
* Biscotti Cookies

The Drinks:
* Jasmine Tea
* Chamomile Tea
* Coffee

The Game:
* Celebrity Baby Names

The Favors:
* Tea Bags (customized with the due date tags) in little gift boxes

2 thoughts on “April’s Shower…

  1. Monica

    Is there any way I could purchase the template for the invite from you? I would love to use it for a shower Im hosting for my friend. Its the best “tea” invite I have seen!!


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