Lady Magnolia’s Shower

I had the honor(along with two of my best friends, April and Rachael) of throwing a baby shower for our dear friend, Nicole. The baby’s name, Magnolia, was a secret. So for the invitation design, I used abstract magnolias as a teaser. Only the mom and a few others recognized the symbolism, which was sweet. 

In addition to the invitations, I also took on a paper craft project and handmade paper magnolia flowers (courtesy of Paper Source) to decorate the food table. Those took me about 4 hours to finish, and I had glue on my fingers for days after, but well worth it. For part of her gift, I also handmade a baby mobile with trees and owls. (pictures of the flowers and mobile to come soon)

The Menu:
* Fennel Salad- famous recipe from Bracken
* Cajun Crab Dip- Nicole’s favorite:)
* Green Apple Slices with Cinnamon Caramel Dip
* Strawberries and Green Grapes
* Ham Mini-Sandwiches (Rachael’s Recipe)

The Drinks:
* Cucumber Mint Water
* Pomegranite & Raspberry Izzes & Club Soda
* Sweet Tea

The Game:
* Baby Name Mania

The Favors:
* Personalized Candles

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